Three Practical Perks of Using Wood for Your Stairs and Floors

Imagine stepping on stairs made of wood and continuing your journey onto the flooring made of the same material. You won’t be able to think of anything other than its smooth, dark, and warm colour and feel. Wood is an elegant and beautiful choice for both stairs and the rest of the flooring, and that’s just the start of it. The material boasts more than just an aesthetic advantage.

It also has these other characteristics that make it a practical choice for home builders as well as owners who want to renovate their residence.


Wood stores carbon from the surroundings and makes the air cleaner while it’s being used as part of the house. Even when it’s outlived its usefulness as part of the stairs and flooring and replaced with new pieces of the same kind, it can still provide one last service to you as firewood. Little water and energy are wasted in its production as compared to most other materials, and this makes it one of the most environmentally friendly choices for your house. Also, let’s not forget the fact that if it ever gets thrown in the trash and ends up in landfills or dump sites, you know that it will naturally break down over time.

Ease of Maintenance

Dust and dirt don’t gather on wood as easily as they do on other materials such as carpet, so there is less need for intense, time-consuming cleaning. Any substances and tools that you use for its maintenance are also relatively inexpensive, so you don’t have to worry about emptying your wallet to keep it looking beautiful. If it gets any scratches or stains, you can find various ways of removing them such as sanding or putting on varnish or wood treatment. You can even make and apply cleansers and protective coatings of your own if you want and know how to.


Worker measuring the wood

Nowadays, wood is treated and engineered to last longer in its proper state than ever before. It can now resist deformations such as warping, swelling and shrinking, as well as damage from heat, stains, and scratches. You don’t have to cut and treat it yourself before you use it as it can come pre-cut and pre-finished. When you need some wood step treads, you can order them from providers such as as you would use them and all you have to do is put them on. The same goes for any other floor installations that you’d require.

That’s just the beginning, as there are many more valid reasons to install wooden stairs and flooring into your home. Aside from what was mentioned above, wood is also relatively durable and easy to handle. You’ll be able to take care of installation and maintenance by yourself as long as you have the proper tools and techniques. You can look for available providers in your area and contact them for inquiries. Make an appointment so that you can take a look at the options that you have. Who knows, maybe you’ll find that wood fits you and your home.

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