Top reasons to book a dental check-up

When it comes to the world getting back to normal after the pandemic, that means that many people are having to book a much needed dental check-up.

But if you are confident that your teeth are fine, it is all too easy to brush this off and delay this necessary medical appointment. But is it worth it?

Here are 5 reasons why you need to book a routine check-up with your dental team if one is overdue.

Protect your gums

When comparing the two, gum disease has caused more people to lose their teeth than tooth decay.

And as your dentist Wimbledon will tell you, regular appointments with a dental team will allow them to check for signs of gum disease and provide treatments. These typically include a scale and polish or the prescription of antibacterial mouthwash or toothpaste.

Prevent decay

Tooth decay is not only unpleasant to look at, but it can lead to discomfort and even gum disease.

Luckily, if you attend regular dental appointments, it is entirely preventable with the application of fluoride sealants onto weakened parts of the enamel. Also, if you have missed a few check-ups and have some decay, it is easy to restore teeth via a filling or a crown, most of which are now made from composite and are thus not as visually obvious as they once were.

Attending check-ups also enables you to discuss restorative treatments for missing teeth with your dental team, such as dentures, bridges or dental implants.

Screen for oral cancer

a dentist holding tools

Oral cancer is one of the most treatable of all cancers and is one of the easiest to detect.

When you attend a dental check-up, your team will assess your gums, inner cheeks and other soft tissues for signs of cancer and, if they spot an issue, will refer you to a specialist for further diagnostics and/or treatment.

If you have concerns about a growth in your mouth, a persistent ulcer or unexplained bleeding, then please book a dental check-up as soon as you can.

Protect your general health

The link between good oral health and good general health has been long established in literature and studies.

And so, while you may not be too worried about skipping your next dental appointment, it can have a very detrimental impact on your physical health too. Everything from strokes to cancer can be prevented by regular appointments with your dental clinic, as these check-ups allow them to remove plaque. Excessive plaque causes the gums to swell, which in turn allows them to become more porous and lets bacteria into your bloodstream, leading to these secondary complications.

Brighten your smile

Even if you have perfectly healthy teeth and gums, a trip to your dental clinic can help to keep your smile bright.

Following the pandemic and social distancing, many people have suffered from a darkening of their teeth due to unremoved plaque in tough to reach places and even tartar. So while you may get the green light for having no cavities or gum disease, you may also be able to have your teeth brightened a bit too after a scale and polish!

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