Top Singapore Sites and Sights Perfect for Families

Singapore is often seen as a serious city, but it actually offers a lot of great sites to visit and tour. In fact, so varied are the experiences on offer in Singapore that there’s enough for everyone’s tastes and needs. From a human-made paradise to the famed iterations of the light show in Singapore, these are the sights to see if you’re in Singapore with your family.

Sentosa Island

 view of beach in Sentosa islandA specifically designed resort island and, in fact, human-made, Sentosa offers so many experiences that the whole family will enjoy. It offers Mount Faber and its stunning views of the entirety of Singapore’s skyline as jumping off point where cable cars lead you to the island itself.

It’s a tropical paradise with all the luxurious amenities one would expect. There is even the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom that is sure to be a hit with your kids. Apart from the beach experience that is at par with any resort in the world, Sentosa also offers the unique Skyline Luge that few other resorts can boast of to have.

For something calmer and more peaceful, you and your family can bond with a hike through the Dragon and Jungle Trails.

Universal Studios

The Singapore iteration of this very popular studio experience is just as amazing for those who love movies – at least those that are of Universal Studios. There are numerous fun rides at your disposal, from the exciting Lost World coaster to zip through the action of the Mummy movies and, of course, a 4D adventure that takes you through the wonders of Shrek and Far Far Away.

For the fainter of heart, you can stroll through the stunning theme areas that dominate the rest of the park. There is so much to discover that a single day isn’t enough to uncover everything that Universal Studios has to offer you and your family.

Located conveniently on Sentosa Island, the Studios definitely enhances your experience.

Gardens by the Bay

For those who prefer a quieter and subtler experience, you can’t go wrong with the extravagant Gardens by the Bay. These offer a mix of refreshing greens and stunning architecture that culminates in the metal Supertrees that have come to dominate the area.

Apart from a relaxing tour through the hanging walkways, it offers great ground level views of the surrounding lands. Take your kids out at night to enjoy the Singapore light show in the area. Dubbed the Garden Rhapsody, it features a multitude of bright, entrancing colors that flash to the sound of music.

The show just takes 15 minutes, but it’s sure to delight all ages equally.

In spite of its size or perhaps because of it, Singapore offers a varied range of experiences for everyone and every taste. All sights are within easy reach and are readily accessible. This makes it the perfect playground for all ages, offering up fun and relaxation in equal measures.

If you are looking for somewhere to take your family to, Singapore is that somewhere.

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