Transparent aligners and what to expect

When beginning to search for a method to realign teeth, along with the effectiveness of the treatment many consider the cosmetic appearance. A treatment that blends in with the natural smile whilst gently pushing the teeth into a new aligned position is something that sounds like a dream, but is actually a reality. This is where Invisalign London fits the bill.

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Is it right for you?

Although it would be great if all treatments and procedures were suitable for whoever wanted them, this is not always the situation and is also where the consultation process comes in. Having a consultation with a dentist who is familiar with transparent aligners will help answer any questions you may have regarding the treatment process. This along with a thorough examination of the teeth, mouth and gums, including digital scans and X-rays, will help the dental team to gain a better insight into the extent of your tooth misalignment. This process will also help establish whether or not you are eligible for this treatment and whether or not you would want it.

How long is the treatment for?

When looking into treatment plans, one of the biggest contributing factors to choosing is how long the treatment takes to get the results you are after. Although it is entirely dependent on the individual case, with the more minor alignment cases, the treatment can take as little as 6 months to show positive results and potentially reach the end goal. For the more severe cases of misalignment the end goal can be reached from around 12 to 18 months. These timings are entirely dependent on the individual’s commitment to the process and the starting point at which the treatment begins.

Why is it beneficial?

Whenever making a decision to alter your appearance, at no point do you want to go through months experiencing severe discomfort on a physical or emotional level. This is where the clear aligners take the lead. Their soft plastic material combined with the snug fit, which is down to the custom-made nature of the aligners, allows the person wearing them to receive treatment without sacrificing their appearance or any aspect of their daily life. Minimal appointments, minimal discomfort, but results that will last. The benefits are endless.

The financial impact

Although the more cosmetic orthodontic designs are not covered by the NHS, this does not mean all is lost. Whether financially stable or not, it may be that a payment plan is needed and a variety are often offered at dental practices within London. Spreading the cost over a period of time, getting 0% finance or creating fixed instalments on a monthly basis are all possibilities when it comes to receiving treatment and therefore the cost does not need to heavily alter any decision you may or may not make.

How to get going

If you are seriously considering realigning your teeth, get chatting with your dental team about what choices they offer and if need be, where to go for the treatment that you are most interested in. Once the discussion begins to open up, the options can develop and the new smile can begin to form in your mind.

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