Turn Small into Beautiful: How to Transform Your Cramped Bathroom

It’s no secret that large homes or apartments are difficult to come by these days, especially those around urban areas and business districts. Thus, many people are increasingly being left with smaller bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms.

A small bathroom is definitely one of the most uncomfortable to deal with. With a toilet bowl, sink, and shower area already taking up a good chunk of space, you could be left with little extra space for storage or even moving. This gives a cramped feeling that is not ideal, especially since the bathroom is supposed to make you feel cleansed and relaxed.

Through proper design, however, there is still a way for a bathroom to serve all its functions while being visually appealing and comfortable. People who wish to improve their bathrooms typically do so by enlisting the help of a general contractor in Utah that specializes in home renovations in order.

Here are some ideas as to how some design improvements can dramatically transform your bathroom.

Smaller sink, greater space

Sinks do not need to be overly large, given that they are only used for washing. Meanwhile, the countertop surrounding the sink is likely just to be littered with small items that could otherwise be organized. Instead of having a large countertop and sink, minimize space by having a floating sink that is mounted to the wall. This will free up a lot of space around and under the sink that you can use either for storage or for more space to move around.

Take advantage of the walls

small sink

Rather than having drawers or stands that take up floor space, you can have shelves mounted into your walls like cubbyholes. This makes for more secure and more convenient storage, which is especially helpful for areas around the sink or shower area where you would want to place things like soap and toothbrushes. Not to mention, this also adds a distinctive look to your bathroom that you cannot go wrong with.

Decorate like crazy

Even if your bathroom is small, you can still make it stand out. Try different textures and patterns on the walls to give them a three-dimensional look. An eclectic mix of patterns also adds vibrancy, both to walls and floor tiles. Some patterns also create illusions to make the bathroom look larger than it actually is, giving you an extra feeling of roominess and space.

Color your world

The use of color is another great way to add some life to your bathroom. You may use different shades or different colors altogether. This is also a great way to set the tone and mood you want in your bathroom and to adhere to the specific look and design you envision not just for your bathroom, but your entire home as well.

Glass is class

The use of mirrors is an incredible way to create an illusion of additional space. It also brightens up your bathroom to give it extra life. Furthermore, glass shower doors add an extra feeling of seamlessness to your bathroom and are much more durable and space-saving than shower curtains as well. Overall, outfitting your bathroom with glass is sure to make the place look more sleek and luxurious, just as you would want to contrast the small surface area.

Small definitely can also be beautiful. With proper designing and layouts, you can transform your cramped bathroom into a vibrant space that is tidy, clean, and comfortable as you never could have imagined.

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