Types of Rings Used for Rifle Scope Mounts

Nothing will make shooting using a rifle easier than the inclusion of optic enhancements. The optic enhancement will align your eye to your target, and front and rear sights in the same visual plane to enhance your accuracy. However, even the best optic will not do much to enhance your shot if your scope is not mounted correctly. The wrong mount will be the weakest link in your shot’s accuracy. A circular clamp or ring holds your riflescope and connects it to the base of your gun.

When looking for a clamp for your choice among CZ rifles for sale, the options you will come across are overwhelming. Without the right information, it is easy to pick the cheapest or best-looking ring for your scope’s mounting. This will, unfortunately, affect the accuracy of your shot and the strength of your mount. The following are some of your ring options for rifle scope mounting.

Weaver Style Rings

These are the most common mounting rings used for rifle scopes. Weaver style mounting rings feature wide flat bases measuring 7/8 inches with crosswire recoil slots. These recoil slots match those of weaver style bases and fit like jigsaw puzzles thus preventing the movement of your scope. Weaver style bases are available in aluminum or steel, and it is effortless to detach and reattach them. Hence, you can reinstall the base and ring on a different gun and even remove it for travel or your gun’s maintenance. Weaver style rings and bases are 180” wide.

Picatinny Rings

Soldiers holding their guns during sunsetPicatinny bases and rings closely resemble weaver style rings. The recoil lug of their bases is thicker than the latter at precisely 206” wide. As such, weaver rings can be used with Picatinny bases, but weaver bases will not fit Picatinny rings.

Leupold-Style Rings

The front ring of Leupold-style rings is categorized as a press fit. This means this front ring comprises a beveled, rectangle, and protruding metal that sticks from under the ring and presses in a matching slot on its front base. The rear base will sit flush on the base’s top and be held in place with two screws. Unlike weaver-style rings, Leupold-style rings are not easily detachable. You will have to separate the rings’ top half for the removal of your rifle scope.

Dovetail Rings

These are generally used with the grooved receivers found on air guns and .22 rifles. They cut into the top of your weapon and firmly grip it thus providing a secure bond for the scope. At times, your rifle may have a 3/8” base screwed onto its receiver rather than the grooves. This option for mounting dovetail rings is generally used if the receiver’s mental is not adequately thick.

The installation of the above rings and their bases is not very challenging since they come with installation kits. The best choice to guarantee you pick the best ring and base for your scope’s mounting is to buy all of them from the same supplier. This way, the supplier can match the ring, base, and rifle you guarantee a perfect fit and a secure grip on the scope you are using.

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