Understanding The Effects Of Air Pollution To The Human Body

Exposure to air pollution doesn’t just increase the chances of developing diseases. It also makes people’s lungs age faster, too. Experts say that exposure to outdoor air pollution has a connection to the decrease in lung function and an increase in developing COPD.

COPD, otherwise known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, has a link to reduced lung function. It’s a type of infection that causes the lungs to become inflamed, narrowing the air passageway and making breathing difficult.

Science Daily says that lung function naturally declines as people age. But some researchers suggest that air pollution affects the aging process. It also adds to the evidence that breathing polluted air can harm the lungs.

How air pollution damages a person’s body

While the effects of air pollution are apparent in the respiratory system, its impact on the heart, fetal health, and the brain are less discussed.

When a person gets exposed to various chemical particles coming from power plants, cars, and factories, it tends to irritate the nasal passage. This minor irritation can result in an allergic response such as coughing and a runny nose.

Once these particles penetrate the lungs, there’s a chance that your body can mistake them for infection, causing an inflammatory response.

Scientists also believe that a few of these toxic chemicals can pass through the lungs and enter the person’s bloodstream. Once that happens, it can increase the person’s risk of developing heart attack and even stroke. It can also lead to other types of cardiovascular diseases like tuberculosis.

Meanwhile, pregnant women who get exposed to air pollution can experience inflammation throughout her entire body. This includes the uterus, which increases the chances of preterm birth.

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What you can do to reduce pollution

The United States Environmental Protection Agency says that the best way to conserve energy starts at home and in the office. You need to look for the ENERGY STAR label sign to know if the appliance that you’re looking at doesn’t consume much energy. Looking for gadgets that have energy efficiency features in Sandy, Utah is a great way to conserve energy.

Also, consider participating in a carpool whenever you go out to a different area. You need to adhere to the gasoline refueling instructions, too. Doing so helps prevent loss of too much vapor and avoid spills of fuel. Keeping your cars and other engines tuned is also an excellent way to reduce air pollution.

You can also help reduce air pollution by choosing the right materials for your projects. It’s also applicable to home maintenance. Use paints and cleaning products that are safe for the environment. Also, try to create a mulch or compost bin for any dead leaves and yard waste. You can also use gas logs instead of wood to prevent releasing toxins into the air.

Doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint is a great way to save the environment. There are other ways to help protect the Earth from air pollution. All it takes is determination and effort to make a difference.

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