Ways to Have an Anniversary Date for the Books

Spending a year with the Love of your Life is always something to celebrate for, be it the first, seventh, or 15th.

You might have become too comfortable with each other, and the temptation to spend it as just another day is there, but your boo will love you more if you plan a special day for her.

Play dress up and print your photos

Even if you have been together for a long time, seeing your boo all dolled up and dashing will always send your heart fluttering. Take this special day as an excuse to dress up and take gorgeous photos together. Make your lover blush with how proud you display your relationship in your space.

Gain a new skill together

Sign up to that new class she told you about in the past month! Be it a dancing class, pottery class, or cooking class. It will surely be a way to learn new things about your partner.

It will be better if the two of you have zero experience in the skill so that you will be in it not just for experiences but the laughs, too. It can ignite a competitive streak between the two of you, making it funnier and more memorable.

Recreate your first date

The more years you have spent with each other, the more changes in the relationship. Trying to go back to the day you first hung out can be a fun trip to memory lane. Try dressing up as your younger selves for an extra fun twist.

Go on a road trip to an unknown place

Pack some of your favorite snacks and ready your hours’ long playlist. Try getting a map in areas near you and have a little fun by randomly choosing your destination. Just make sure to check your car before going on the road trip. No one wants car troubles to be your only memory of such a special day.

Wine and dine with a twist

A fancy candlelit dinner is a fail-proof plan, but why stop at that? Take this as an opportunity to wow her with your cooking skills by planning an elaborate dinner for her.

And when you are popping the bottles, slip in a piece of jewelry as a gift. Try giving promise rings for couples, but make it extra special by engraving something in them.

It can be the date you met or your anniversary date. If you’re feeling sneaky, carve an inside joke or your private pet name for each other. If you’re both movie geeks, put a line from it. It is a simple gesture, but it will put an extra meaning to your gift.

Make it old school

Couple with flowers

Write her a letter! An anniversary post on social media might be expected, but preparing a more private, intimate expression of your feelings is a gesture she will surely treasure. For sure, she will read it over and over again until the paper gets all wrinkly, so make sure to pick a beautiful sheet of paper to go with it. And practice your handwriting!

Get your lazy bums out for a change and make your anniversary a day to remember with these ideas.

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