Ways to Improve Brightness and Airiness in Your Small Home

Some small spaces aren’t blessed with enough allowance for natural light, and with inadequate brightness, airiness tends to decrease as well; therefore, making your small space stifling and depressing.

But you don’t have to endure such a lackluster environment. Your home, after all, should be the best place for you to unwind. Here are some wonderful ways to add more light and airiness to your home:

1. Repaint With White

When it comes to brightening up a space, white will always be the go-to color. Include the eaves as you repaint, because it plays a role in the brightness of the sunlight streaming in from your windows.

Note that white paint comes in a wide range of shades, so it can be overwhelming to choose. If you have a south-facing window, consider a cool-toned white with faint tinges of blue, so that your walls will counteract the natural light’s warmth. You may also go for a gray-undertoned white; it will look just as elegant and crisp as a blue-tinged one.

But if the view from your window is full of trees, a white with blue-green undertones will complement that best. And if there are just a few windows to work with, a neutral-toned white paint will be your best bet, as it won’t appear too yellow or too ivory.

2. Use Floating Furniture

If you have the budget to buy new furniture, choose ones with tall, exposed legs. They instantly make your space feel lighter and airier. When you’re placing a credenza against the wall, select one with a color that matches with the wall, and try not to put a lot of ornaments on it so that the airiness won’t be hampered.

3. Install Highly Reflective Backsplashes

Instead of choosing natural stone or other matte-finish tile material for your backsplashes, opt for glass or high-gloss ceramic tile. Their impressive light-reflecting abilities will help a lot in brightening up those small spaces.

4. Use Big and Translucent Hanging Light Bulbs

Add flair to your light fixtures by choosing hanging ones in big, translucent or clear bulbs. They illuminate your space adequately without the bulk, and they can be used in any way, from ambient lighting to accent.

relaxing looking living room

5. Clean Your Windows

If your home is still looking a bit drab even with plenty of windows in, perhaps the glass just needs a good cleaning. Windows, along with the gutters, should be cleaned thoroughly at least every six months. Hire an expert window and gutter cleaning service in your area, and you’ll immediately see the difference once the glass is already gleaming. The natural light will stream in undisturbed by any spot or stain.

6. Remove Your Headboard and Bulky Shelves

If your bed has a large headboard, it reduces the airiness of your space, so the room may be better off without it. The same goes for bulky shelves; they’re functional, but they create a boxed-in look to the small space, so opt for floating shelves, instead.

7. De-clutter

Lastly, give your home more room to breathe by getting rid of all the unnecessary stuff you keep. Remember that less is more; the fewer things filling the space, the airier and brighter it will be.

Dark and bulky couches tend to look like clutter, as opposed to light-colored and minimalist styles. Therefore, keep everything as light as possible, and of course, completely tidy. When you’ve already achieved a bright and airy space, the liveliness of your home, along with its relaxing qualities, will be amplified.

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