Wealthy Living: A Glimpse at Some of the Most Expensive Homes in the United States

Rich people live extravagant lives. For many of them, everything they own is a means of flaunting their status and wealth. One of the assets that they love to show off is their homes.

While wealthy people have the resources to build their own homes, the expert realtors at Madrigal Team Gold state that others prefer to hunt for one in the market.  On that note, how much money does one need to buy a mansion or a property fit for the world’s 1%? This curated list of some the most expensive homes in the United States will answer that question.

Pumpkin Key, Florida ( Million)

Somewhere in Florida, on the tropics of Card Sound Bay, lies Pumpkin Key. It’s a 26-acre private island that offers an extravagant lifestyle to whoever purchases it. There’s a 3-bedroom home accompanied by a caretaker’s cottage and dock master’s apartment.

For entertainment, there is a tennis court that doubles as a helipad and numerous golf cart paths. The future owner can also enjoy fun water activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving.

Billionaire, California (0 Million)

The Billionaire was priced at $250 million when it first went up on the market. Years later, it dropped down to $100 million. Its price isn’t unfounded, considering what the mega mansion has to offer.

The property has more than one master suite and several other rooms for guests to occupy. Entertainment-wise, the new owner can take a lap in the infinity pool or maybe binge some movies in a 40-seat theater. For some much needed rest and relaxation, there’s a massage studio and a wellness spa.

With all these luxurious amenities on site, the person who purchases this property might just become a recluse.

Chartwell Estate, California (5 Million)

In Bel Air lies the historic property known as the Chartwell Estate.

One could say that whoever purchases this property will be living comfortably. It doesn’t matter if they have more than three kids, considering there are 11 bedrooms in the main house. Adults in the family can store their wine in a cellar that can hold around 12,000 bottles.

If those weren’t enough, adults and kids alike can lurk around the property’s private gardens. For some much needed physical activities, there’s a pool and tennis court too.

Visitors don’t even have to stay in the same building as the owners, considering there’s a guest house readily available for them. The estate has everything a homeowner could possibly need in life.

The One, California (0 Million)

The most expensive property in the entire world, not only America, can be found in Bel Air.

Titled ‘The One,’ the property is a 10,0000 square foot estate. It was made from high quality materials, namely a mountain’s worth of marble. The home itself has many features to boast one’s wealth, like a car gallery that can store 30 vehicles and an IMAX theater on par with commercial theaters . The owner can comfortably rest with all his wealth secured in a master suite that is over 5,000 square feet.

Too Much?

It’s fine to spend a sizeable amount on one’s home. After all, a home is a safe haven. However, a glimpse into these homes and their asking prices shows us that not everyone can afford such extravagant lifestyles. However, that’s no reason to feel sad over a modest-sized house, especially when it’s just as comfortable and accommodating as the properties above.

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