Wedding Preparation Tips: A Guide for Newly Engaged Couples

Getting engaged to the one you love is an exhilarating feeling. Soon your mind will start reflecting on your weddings plans and what you want to have on your big day. It doesn’t matter if you decide to have a small wedding or a large one with lots of guests, you must sort out many things, and the date will arrive quicker than you had imagined it could.

The proposal was nerve-racking enough; expect the wedding preparations to be a tad stressful, too. How do you have a good wedding

Confirm the Date and Send Out Invitations Quickly

As cities begin opening up and and people are filling up their social calendars again, your guests are likely to be busier than ever. So confirming the date of your wedding and sending out invitations as quickly as possible is crucial. After all, you will want your favorite people to be there in attendance to celebrate your marriage with you both.

Think about the time of the year you want to have your wedding. Do you want to go for a Christmassy festive wedding? Perhaps the warm weather is vital for you, and you’re after a summer wedding date?

Try and make sure your wedding invitations look as nice as possible with a personalized message to your guests. You may even decide to put a romantic picture of you and your fiancé on your invites.

To speed things up, prior to the official invitation, you can send out a “save the date” online card to provide your guests with concise information on the date, location, and the names of you and your fiancé, so they can free up their diaries. If you’re at a loss for ideas, look up save the date wording

Think About Where Your Guests Will Stay

Will your wedding celebration spread over one day and night? Or are you going to make your big day spread over a whole weekend? Either way, you must think about where your guests can stay.

Are you going to generously decide to pay for their accommodations? Perhaps your family and friends can help out by putting each other up in their houses out of the kindness of their hearts?

Understandably, you and your partner will want to make sure everyone has the best possible time and has a comfortable place to sleep, so think carefully about accommodation considerations for your guests. Some guests may have different needs. For instance, you may decide to prioritize elderly guests or people with disabilities by ensuring they get the best possible accommodation for your wedding.

Find the Right Venue for Your Reception

Much like purchasing a property is all about the location, selecting the right venue is a crucial part of your wedding preparations. Location is crucial, so your family and friends easily find it. So is the interior space, from the design to the amenities. Do you want a big after-party with a band and sufficient space for guests to shimmy and sing together?

You can get as creative as you like with your venue. You may even decide to get wed on a beach with the sand between your feet and glistening ocean views as you tie the knot. A scenic garden venue is also a good idea for an outdoor wedding.

If you’re researching fun ideas for marquees to host your wedding reception after the ceremony and are interested in something slightly different, why not hire a stylish giant yurt tent?

A yurt will give your wedding after-party an original and rustic vibe and a large open space for your guests to enjoy themselves.

In addition, you can put up a yurt wherever you like, provided you receive permission for the landowners. Are you a country person brought up in a rural area and want your wedding celebrations to have an authentic country feel? Why not go for it and put up a yurt in a beautiful country location on your wedding day?

Choosing Your Guests is Important

Alongside the venue, one of the most critical decisions in the wedding preparations process will be who to invite.

Are you keeping it lowkey and sticking to just close friends and family? Or are you a social butterfly who wants to invite all your friends and family to your wedding, including your long-lost school buddies and second cousins? The guests will help make your experience special and unique.

Hire an Experienced Professional Photographer
wedding photographer holding two cameras

Another key part of the preparations is making sure you get an ace photographer to get some wonderful snaps of your wedding day. This is a day you will look back on in years to come, so you will want to have some classy, high-quality photographs to commemorate celebrating your marriage together with your loved ones. Search online and use any contacts you may have to help you find a reliable professional photographer

All of your wedding preparations will be worth it in the end when you finally get married to the one you dearly love and celebrate until your heart’s content. You will feel joyful and relieved when everything is all down on paper, and you’re officially married.

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