What are dental implants and what are they for?

Dental implants in Windsor are available should a patient require them. This specific type of dental care is an example of how modern dentistry has continued to advance in its technology. A small metal screw is positioned in the jaw at the place of a missing tooth root (as the implant), and to this the prosthetic is fitted looking like a natural tooth. This specific treatment is clinically proven and is a safe solution that allows a client to build the smile that they deserve. The implants allow a client to be able to bite more evenly and chew more efficiently. Implants are placed directly at the jawbone and allow crowns that are added to act very much like natural teeth. It should be noted that, like natural teeth, an implant should be cared for with regular brushing and flossing, alongside regular dental practice visits, to help it last and allow the implant to work to its full potential. This is a good solution to achieve natural-looking teeth and a stable restoration.

What are the benefits of implants?

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Once a patient has chosen to go ahead and receive this highly regarded treatment option,  it is important to note the benefits an implant can give a person. There are many benefits of implants, these include physical benefits such as, improved oral health, maintaining the structure of the mouth, allowing the shape of the face to be preserved, and preventing bone loss from within the jaw. An implant is also valued for alleviating speech impairments, and providing improved comfort and restored dental function to allow eating, chewing and normal biting strength to be maintained. There are also mental benefits to the treatment option of an implant, a person’s self-confidence can be severely knocked if they have missing teeth. An implant can allow a person to gain their self-esteem back and start smiling again. An implant is also a convenient choice which works for people who want an option that cannot be removed from the mouth.

How are implants put into the mouth?

The procedure of inserting implants is closely adhered too, this allows the client to receive excellent results. Prior to placing the implant in the mouth, careful planning work is done to ensure that, firstly, implants are the correct and viable option for the client, but also that the implants will fit the shape of the client’s mouth, allowing the implant to work to its full potential. All implants are placed into the mouth using only the strictest sterile working conditions. The procedure involves a minor surgical procedure that is carried out in the dental practice by a trained professional. A healing period of eight to twelve weeks is prescribed attached to this treatment option. Once the site of the implant has healed an abutment is attached to the implant and a week after this, impressions are taken so the replacement teeth can be made. By using impressions, the teeth inserted are the correct shape and are natural-looking so a person’s smile is uninterrupted. Two weeks after this, the replacement teeth that were sculpted from the impressions are fitted, giving the person something to really smile about.

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