What are veneers Liverpool?

Veneers are thin porcelain shells which are bonded to the natural tooth or teeth. Each shell is custom made to fit the individual tooth and, whilst appearing natural in appearance, provide a sturdy, durable layer of protection to it. The results of applying veneers are manifold and they can completely alter a patient’s appearance, especially when smiling.

Is this considered to cosmetic dentistry?

Natural teeth can be chipped, worn or appear mis-shapen along with a variety of other cosmetic dental issues. Veneers in Liverpool, whilst considered to fall under the cosmetic dentistry category are also an excellent way to protect natural teeth from damage and can be used for medical purposes. On occasions, damaged teeth, particularly where the nerve is affected, are fitted with this particular treatment, as it creates a protective coating for the tooth which can last up to ten years or even more. The tooth is therefore protected from any further damage which in turn will provide relief to the patient.

So whilst some patients use the treatment to enhance their smile, whether it be to cover up the discolouration of tea stains or conceal any slightly crooked teeth, others use the treatment to eliminate further pain or damage to their teeth.

How are these fitted to your natural teeth?

kid at the dental clinicIn order to fit the veneer, which can be referred to as a dental, porcelain or laminate veneer, a thin layer of enamel needs to be removed from the front of the tooth. The removal of this thin layer creates space for the veneers and assists with the bonding of the porcelain to the teeth due to the roughening of the surface. Once the enamel is removed, a very thin layer of dental adhesive is applied to the teeth, the porcelain shell is then placed on the tooth or teeth. This process usually requires several visits to gain the desired result, particularly when having the treatment for cosmetic purposes.

Is this treatment painful and what options are there for extremely nervous patients?

As with all treatments and procedures, minimal discomfort may occur, however during this particular treatment a local anaesthetic will be applied and therefore during the treatment the patient will not feel anything. Minimal discomfort may occur afterwards for a short period of time, but this should remain minimal and should anything else be experienced the dental team should be informed.

Aside from the local anaesthetic, it is understood that some patients may suffer from fears, phobias or anxiety when it comes to dental practices and procedures. Therefore, upon booking the appointment, it is beneficial to inform the dental team, as a dental sedation is an option for those who cannot face the treatment or procedure whilst awake.

How long will the porcelain shells last?

Providing the patient has good oral hygiene, there are no expiry dates known on veneers. It all relies on the standard of the patient’s own hygiene care in everyday life. Regular dental check-ups will also assist with the preservation of the veneer shells.

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