Why use Invisalign to invest in the perfect smile?

Having a perfectly-aligned smile through orthodontic appliances can serve you in a number of ways, some of which may not be so apparent at first. The most obvious benefit is that of improving your dental appearance. Equally important are the positive effects on self-esteem, oral health and improved bite function.

While all patients look forward to a better-looking smile or better bite capabilities, not all adult patients are comfortable with making their orthodontic treatment obvious to others. This is where Invisalign Leicester comes in as a modern teeth-straightening system that uses aligner trays instead of wire-and-brackets braces.

How does the teeth-straightening, aligner-based system work?

Patients may at first be confused as to how aligner trays can reposition teeth. Invisalign Leicester makes use of intuitive dental technologies that, together with the medical-grade plastic the trays are made of, manipulate teeth into desired positions. Instead of a single metal device that requires manual adjustment by a dental practitioner to shift teeth, all a patient using Invisalign Leicester has to do is change the tray with a new one (from a series of trays provided by a dental practitioner) at intervals instructed by our dentist. Each tray is purposefully designed to move teeth incrementally until the desired effect is achieved. It is of the utmost importance that patients on this type of orthodontic plan adhere strictly to all instructions that are given to them, to ensure their orthodontic treatment is a success and the investment produces desirable pay offs. In particular, how often the trays should be worn – at least 20 to 22 hours a day, as well as how often the trays should be changed.

The rewards of aligned teeth

smiling while putting on invisalign

Oral hygiene is improved

It can be quite a difficult task to clean crooked teeth using a toothbrush and floss, as there are awkward corners and crevices where the bristles refuse to go. With straighter teeth, there are no such challenges, meaning your home oral hygiene duties are made easier.

Improved speech patterns

Crooked and protruding teeth can have an adverse effect on your ability to speak clearly and confidently. One of the lesser known benefits of orthodontics is the improvement in speech patterns.

Improved chewing and bite function

Having gaps between teeth can impede proper chewing function which has a resultant effect on digestion. Poorly chewed food places additional stress on the stomach and intestines, and patients run the risk of an unhealthy gut and a poor nutritional intake.

Reduced wear and tear on teeth

Another problem linked to crooked teeth is the added pressure on teeth leading to enamel wear and tear. By straightening teeth and bringing them into a healthier alignment, the risk of wear and tear is reduced.

Could your smile and oral health benefit from an orthodontic treatment plan, but you are not sure which type of treatment plan is most suitable for you? A professional consultation with one of our well-experienced dental practitioners at Care Dental Surgery would be the time we would be happy to discuss all orthodontic methods that are most suitable for you, as well as the pros and cons of each.

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