Yoga Power Poses: 15 Ways To Treat Weight Loss

  • Yoga poses provide you with intense exercise that burns calories
  • There are 15 yoga power poses that achieve effective weight loss the best
  • How to do each of these poses and what their effects are
  • Tips for weight loss results through yoga power poses

Though it may not seem like it at first glance, yoga is actually one of the most intense and demanding forms of exercise available. If you’re looking to treat weight loss, yoga practice with power posing might be a good place to start, as it allows you to build strength over a longer period.

15 Best Yoga Power Poses For Weight Loss

Yoga is one of the best ways to boost core strength, develop a good posture, and improve your entire body. And given that posture is closely tied to body language, yoga can also help you adopt an inviting stance and ooze with confidence.

That being said, there are certain power poses that enable you to feel powerful and burn calories all in one. Keep reading to discover the 15 different poses to bring out your inner power:

Wonder Woman Pose

This yoga pose is also known as the “High Power Pose” or the “Superhero Pose” because it requires you to stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and your hands resting on your waist. The name of the pose is derived from the superhero Wonder Woman, whose trademark stance is this very pose.

There are 2 significant scientifically-proven benefits of yoga from this maneuver – a well-needed confidence boost and decreased cortisol levels, which suppress your appetite.

Duration: 2 min

Plank Pose

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This power pose engages all your muscles at once and actively burns calories. To execute it properly, you need to place your palms flat on the floor, with the middle finger pointing forward. Your shoulders need to be in line with your wrists, and your lower body needs to be in a straight line, held up by your toes.

In fact, no muscle remains inactive while you are in the plank pose, which helps your body shed calories and tighten the muscles.

Duration: 10-30 sec

Triangle Pose

This pose doesn’t deliver immediate results and instead requires you to be patient and do it over a longer period.

To do this particular pose, you need to take a wide stance and point your right foot to the side. Once you do so, you need to bend your upper body toward the right foot and touch it with your right hand while the left arm is extended upwards.

While this pose is not particularly strenuous, its motion activates your bowel movement, which improves digestion. Thanks to the actions required for this pose, you activate the abdominal muscles, which eventually leads to burning tummy fat and tightening of the abs.

Duration: 30-60 sec

Mountain Pose

This is another static pose ideal for stretching and thus shedding some extra pounds so you can boost confidence. To execute it properly, you just need to stand straight, make sure that your feet are pointing forwards, parallel to each other, and that your arms are by your sides. Your palms need to face forward, which engages your shoulders and back and improves your posture.

Though it may not seem like it, the “Mountain Pose” strengthens your muscles by requiring you to stand still in one position for a while. As one of the best body posture correction exercises, it is designed to bring out your inner strength, which automatically leads to outer strength.

You can also combine this pose with the so-called “Cactus Arms Pose,” which requires you to lift your arms toward the sky and keep the elbows level with your shoulders.

Duration: 1 min

Boat Pose

This is one of the most demanding poses when it comes to core engagement. It requires you to sit on a mat and, on an inhale, lift up your legs so that your feet are level with your head, which puts your body in a V-position. You must keep your arms straight, parallel to your abdomen, while in this powerful stance.

It is especially great for weight loss because it engages several groups of muscles. It activates your quadriceps and hamstrings, as well as your abs and biceps. It’s a suitable pose for shedding weight and building strength and endurance.

Duration: 10-20 sec

Fish Pose

To start with, you need to lie on a mat on the floor on your back and place your elbows on either side of your body. Once you do so, you need to take a deep breath, lift your head off of the mat and plant the crown of your head on the floor. This pose requires a certain amount of flexibility you can achieve with steady exercise.

Due to the degree by which your back is bent, this pose activates your thyroid gland, which influences your metabolism speed and efficiency directly. So while you might not feel like you’re doing a lot to lose weight at the moment, your body is doing its job.

Duration: 15-30 sec

Warrior 2 Pose

This pose is also known as the “Virabhadrasana II” – one of the fundamental yoga power poses. It’s similar to the “Goddess Pose” in the body placement. To do it, you need to turn your right foot and knee to the side while your left foot is pointed forward and tilted slightly to the left. Afterward, you need to bend your right knee to be parallel to your right ankle.

Make sure your weight is evenly distributed between your legs, and your arms are extended parallel to your left leg.

Not only does this power pose ground you and provide you with power, but it also improves your hips flexibility and core strength while increasing endurance and stretching your shoulders. Though it may seem like a static pose, it actually keeps several areas of your body actively engaged, which is conducive to weight loss.

Duration: 5-10 breaths

Shoulder Stand Pose

This one’s a pretty self-explanatory power-posing placement as it requires you to lie down on your back and lift up your legs until they are pointed up to the sky, keeping your hips parallel to your shoulders. If you need support, you can place your hands on the small of your back. Otherwise, you can just let them rest flat on the floor by your sides.

Do not turn your head while in this pose, as it might lead to injury.

This is one of the most essential yoga weight loss power poses for spine health, as it improves your digestion, fatigue levels, and thyroid function by reversing your lymphatic flow. This pose also requires you to have strong abdominal muscles, as well as strong leg muscles, to be able to stay in that position for the required time.

Duration: 30-60 sec

Chair Pose

This is an important Sun Salutation yoga pose as it increases the body heat, which activates your metabolism and causes it to work with more speed. This position is great for both beginners and experienced yoga practitioners as it isn’t terribly demanding and helps with breath control and focus, in addition to body movement.

To do it, you simply need to stand, keeping your feet parallel. Inhale deeply, and on your next exhale, bend your knees. After, you just need to raise your arms overhead and keep the palms facing each other. Allow your tailbone to relax into neutral, but do keep your pelvic floor engaged and active.

Duration: 30-60 sec

Standing Forward Bend Pose

Woman Practicing Yoga

This is another example of simple yet effective beginner-friendly exercises that demand flexibility and keep your body engaged. From a standing position, inhale and extend your arms upwards, and then on your next exhale, fold forward. Make sure that your tailbone is pointed towards the ceiling and that you take several deep breaths while in the power pose.

While it may be a static pose, it is as important as it gets when it comes to power poses for weight loss as it improves digestion. It is a yoga pose that brings out your feminine energy and focus, which in turn will help in stressful situations. All weight-loss journeys begin with decreasing stress, making this yoga pose essential.

Duration: 30-60 sec

Four-Limbed Staff Pose

This is considered one of the most demanding power poses in yoga, as it activates all muscle groups. To do it, you will need to start in a plank position and lower yourself to shoulder height, keeping your hands parallel to your chest. Make sure your elbows are pointing toward your feet while your upper arms are pressed along your ribs.

If you’re aiming to lose weight with the help of yoga – this power pose is a must. Not only does it require you to have a strong core and arms, but it also requires strength in your legs as well as your neck. The fact that it engages all muscle groups will also help ground you and maintain your focus, which leads to lower stress levels.

Duration: 10-30 sec

Downward Facing Dog Pose

When it comes to yoga poses, this is one of the more popular options. Get down on all fours and plant your hands flat against the floor beneath your shoulders. Once you do so, lift your hips towards the ceiling and tuck your toes to improve stability. To ensure you’re doing it properly, your heels need to reach toward the floor.

This yoga pose activates several different muscle groups, including the back, arms, and legs. It keeps the muscles in those areas engaged and active, which helps tighten them and shed excess fat. In addition to that, this pose is helpful for detoxification and digestion as it is mildly inverted.

Duration: 30 sec

Head Stand Pose

This is a more advanced and difficult version of the “Shoulder Stand Pose,” as it requires you to place your forearms in a V-shape and clasp them at the back of your head. Your legs need to be pointed up toward the ceiling in a straight line.

Not only does this pose require several muscle groups like arms and core to maintain it, but it is also a full-inversion pose. As such, it reverses the lymphatic flow and activates digestion.

Duration: 10-30 sec

Corpse Pose

It might seem counterintuitive to do this pose for weight loss as it doesn’t require you to do anything except lie on your back completely still, with your palms facing upwards which is why it’s the perfect meditation for seniors.

That being said, this is the quintessential de-stressing yoga pose, as it requires you to be completely still and go into a meditative state. That, in turn, allows you to relax and lower your cortisol levels, which ultimately leads to weight loss.

Duration: 5 min

Side Plank Pose

For the “Side Plank Pose,” you need to start out in a plank and then, on your exhale, lift your left arm towards the ceiling. Once you do so, stack your left foot on top of your right one. Hold this position for as long as it feels natural, and then repeat it on the other side by lifting your right arm up. This pose both boosts your body temperature and activates your muscles.

Duration: 15-60 sec

Tips To Follow: Yoga Power Poses For Weight Loss

There is no special secret for yoga weight loss, but there are certain tips that you can use to improve your experience and make the exercises for a healthy heart more effective:

  • Be patient with your limitations
  • Do the exercises regularly
  • Stay hydrated
  • Be mindful of your food and beverage intake
  • Focus on your breathing.

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Yoga Power Poses – FAQs

1) Can power yoga help with weight loss?

Most definitely. Yoga activates your muscles and directly influences your metabolism, lymphatic system, and thyroid gland, all of which are crucial for weight loss.

2) What are some good power yoga poses for weight loss?

The best yoga power poses for weight loss include the “Plank,” “Warrior Poses 2 and 3,” “Goddess Pose,” and “Shoulder Stand.” Of course, all yoga poses are good for your health and weight loss.

3) How often should I practice power yoga for weight loss?

Ideally, you should practice yoga 3-5 days a week for at least an hour each day. Of course, make adjustments according to your limitations.

4) Can power yoga be too intense for beginners?

Yes, it can. Like any other physical activity, you mustn’t overdo it. Always start slow, be thorough, and respect your current shape.

5) Which yoga pose burns the most calories?

The “Plank” is the most effective of the yoga power poses as it activates all muscle groups simultaneously. 

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