home concept

Make Your House a Place You Want to Live In

Feb 15, 20214 min read

Not all houses can be a home, but all homes can be a house. This statement may sound redundant or meaningless, but it does hold some truth to it. You…

Robot Vacuum

Robot Vacuums: Spotless Cleaning without the Hassle

Feb 7, 20214 min read

Maintaining a clean house can be a key element in keeping yourself healthy. With the outbreak of a global pandemic, this is a fact that cannot be ignored. The shelter-in-place…

mold concept

Is Your Old Apartment, Office, or School Making You Sick?

Feb 5, 20215 min read

Old and historic buildings may look fascinating, affording us a glimpse of the distant past. But inside, it may contain hazardous materials and particles that can make us seriously ill.…

aesthetic shelf

Home Away from Home: How Our Environment Affects Us

Feb 3, 20214 min read

Memories are pretty much what makes us who we are today. The things we experience in our everyday lives all have their own purpose. At times, it gives us happy…

living room

Keeping Your Household Safe During Winter

Jan 28, 20215 min read

Winter wonderland may sound amazing but it comes with its own perils and hazards. Staying warm and safe during the winter may have its own challenges. Aside from the hazards…

cleaning indoor

Keeping Your Home Healthy And Free From Toxins

Jan 21, 20215 min read

Your home is your safe place. It is where you rest when you’re tired. It is where you recover when you are sick and you feel you are at your…

beautiful home

Living Safely at Home: the Safety Benefits of Smart Devices

Jan 20, 20214 min read

Smart homes were considered to be the home of the future. Many people thought that we wouldn’t have automated systems to monitor our way of living. And many more thought…

selling the house

Buying a Used House: What to Inspect

Jan 19, 20214 min read

Buying an already used house can be an overwhelming task. With the millions of problems that purchasing one can burden on a prospective buyer, most are discouraged from even looking…

cleaning leaves

5 Activities to Add to Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Jan 19, 20214 min read

It won’t be long before April rolls around, and you know what it means: spring cleaning. Perhaps you’ve already prepared a checklist. But if you want to be more committed…

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